A Digits Limited is a service provider specializing in system design, software development and software consultancy. We design, develop and deliver enterprise-grade software applications for startups and enterprises across numerous industries, working with pace, professionalism and passion.

Our team has strong technical capabilities and solid experience in a wide spectrum of software architecture, development and implementation for over a decade, such as mesh network protocol stack development for automation control system, smart control gateway development for both cloud and application servers, Internet of Things (IoT) devices development and third-party cloud server integration, hotel guestroom control system and cloud server integration, energy management system and so on.

With the extensive technological expertise, in-depth practical experience and a passion for excellence, our dedicated team customs software infrastructure design ideas blending with cutting-edge technologies, to solve complex business problems and to satisfy the needs of today.

Our mission is to design and develop inspiring, sustainable and reliable technological solutions, to exceed our customers’ expectations, to improve their business operational efficiency and to make business life easier implementing digital transformation.

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